Website Update

When we first launched InvadeLA back in 2011, we designed the website to revolve around our membership card. We made some graphical changes to adapt to this new redemption method but members were still able to look up deals on our website. It almost felt as if the site and app were competing with each other so it was time to make a change.

The first thing you'll notice is we've trimmed down all our content down to one page. The merchant pages are no longer hosted on the site as we want to encourage users to download our app to find this information. We've also made the site responsive so it's easy pleasing to view on any device.

One of the biggest enhancements is the ability for merchants to sign up their business straight from our website. This allowed for a more streamlined process and helped us get their deal up much faster. The deals have changed too. Now we are focusing on just three options (10%, 15%, 20%) as opposed to having it open season as we noticed that the most activity from users surround these types of offers.